Transcending Words

Community drumming is a unique team building experience that transcends words and helps people more fully realize how each of their voices contributes the whole. It will demonstrate when people work together there is synchronicity. Drumming is a primitive form of communication that evolved from our internal biological rhythms. Developing sensitivity to one's own beat and discovering how it fits in with the beat of others, is an effective means to improve communication, stimulate creative thought processes, and inspire a sense of community.


With the help of a highly skilled facilitator each participant will select a percussion instrument, become familiar with it, and begin to communicate through rhythm. This unique experience will emphasize teamwork by enhancing communication, listening and responding to each other more intently, and tapping creative potential. This experience will also build morale and strengthen relationships that can be transferred directly back to the workplace.

Groups from 20 to 200+ people can share the unique experience and exhilaration of drumming together!

Drumming with groups from 15 - 350
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